SAMBUCUS GUMMIES | Benefits of Sambucus
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Benefits of Sambucus

Benefits of Elderberries
  • Elderberries have superpowers. They help fight colds and flu by preventing the virus from replicating in the human body.
  • Numerous studies have been done to confirm this effect. Elderberry extract seems to shorten the duration of a cold or the flu by three or four days. That’s a better result than Tamiflu which reduced the duration of influenza by only one day.
  • Plus Elderberry extract has no side effects. Elderberries are food.
  • Elderberries have also been shown to support the immune system in the fight against cancer and bacterial infections, including strep. (See the references below if you want to dig deeper.)
  • Even if no one in your family is sick, it’s a good idea to consume elderberry regularly to combat the bugs that are going around and keep your family healthy.
  • Like that spoonful of cod liver oil that our ancestors used to swallow with squinty eyes and puckered lips, it might be a good idea to take a spoonful of elderberry every day during cold and flu season.
  • These yummy gummy bears have a bit more sugar than elderberry syrup but they are easy to take and even fun – and the serving size is small. Make a batch and serve them up to your tribe.